Hello world!

err, yes, hello world.

this is my second attempt at blogging. i tried another one, but could never really settle with it. i always fantasise about creating a fantastic, witty, good-looking blog that people flock to. it’s about time i put it in to practice.

writing has never been my forte. i am an actions kind of person. and those who know me know i function best when given a few hours to air my opinions without interruption. obviously, this is not very popular with a lot of people, so maybe this should be the best step forward.

i don’t want to turn this into a blog of verbal diarrhea (which it could very easily become). i am gonna try to be as concise as i can.

i am not going to be falsely modest. i have and hope to continue to make some good stuff and have good ideas. but i also know when something isn’t good. i will be proud of successes and the first one to admit my dodgy attempts at crochet moustaches.

i quite like this, feels like i am writing myself a blog manifesto. might think some more about this.

i am tempted to make an anne frank style pact to write in this every day or twice a week, to make sure i document all progress, physical and mental.

i am going to start off this blog though, by going back a few months, almost to beginning of my current module. a web-based update for those who have been wondering what the hell i have been doing all summer.