lucia has been artistically busy!

Here are Lucia Rye’s entries. I am loving the orange! and Edith, of course.

tim’s moustache

here is Tim Biggin, looking very fetching!

toilet moustache

sent in by William Tierney.  i like.

moustache template!

this moustache can be printed out any size you like, by fiddling with your printer settings. You can either print it out and stick it straight onto something, or use it to drawn round and make one out of fabric or card. the possibilities are endless!

christmas card

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         i am attempting to publicise my work and get some research material whilst sending out festive cheer. three birds with one stone. i have sent out 100 and counting to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, in order to gauge opinion. If i get even twenty percent replies i will be a happy lady. as it is not possible to get people to post pictures on my blog on such a large scale, i am hoping my facebook page will be inundated by this time next week. i will post all photos on here as and when they make it through to me.

facebook page

i have created a facebook page so it’s possible to upload photographs as a community. It is open to everybody, with its first publicity being this year’s christmas card.