A walk in the park.

Cabin Fever is kicking in. I thought I was about time I got outside for a bit. I took some moustaches and eyes I have made and had a little walk out in the park.

The moustaches were attached with pins (being very careful not to harm the tree.) and the eyes were attached with gummy glue that feels straight off.

Instructions on how to make the eyes coming very soon.

more moustachy christmases!

A more manly Santa guarding the sweets, at my in-laws, David and Jennifer Willis.

Everyone knows Adam had a moustache.

Well, here it is folks, proof that the tash has been in fashion since we had top lips.

Bring on the photoshop!

Sent in by James Price.

a plethora of moustaches! Yay!

Blimey, my parents have been busy! Very impressed!

more christmas moustaches!

I think this is as close as we are going to get to putting one on a snowman.

Sent in by Susan Holliday.

fake moustache on a fake cat!

If only they were both real! It’s making me want to find next door’s cat…

Sent in by Marilyn and Bob Young.

moustachy pale ale

Pint of Thornbridge Jaipur, not for the faint hearted. This one especially, it’s 25% more manly.

Sent in by Ian Young.

reindeer tash

Sent in by the Wiggins family. yay!

fisher price phone tash!

Sent in by Andy and Fiona Martin.

I love the caption sent in with this one.

Sent in by Mick and Sue Mason. Great caption!