Sheffield Soup!

I have applied to take part in Sheffield Soup, the sociable crowd-funding event currently held a few times a year. It sounds like a really interesting concept, it is definitely worth finding more about this if you can:

I would like to get some funding to make my ‘Boob Tent’ to support breastfeeding mothers and to encourage young women to consider ways to feed their future children.

I have developed a design for a collapsible tent, more like a geodesic dome that can be transported to various venues, including parks shopping centres and festivals and would be big enough to fit at least five or six people in comfortably. The size means that this could be used to house a breast feeding support worker along with some comfortable chairs for feeding in good weather, but also for the information displays and such, during bad weather.


Model of tent design

Christmas Fairs

Christmas cards for sale this year.

Christmas cards for sale this year.

Roll Up Roll Up!

I am going to be attending some craft fairs over the Christmas run up with some of my card designs and decorations, as well as selling some of my knitted boobs and moustaches.

The cards range from fuzzy felty designs, to typogrphical kinds. Something for everyone, with more modern and some traditional styles. The cards can be bought individually or on a pick and mix basis.

Fancy making paper chains but can’t be bothered with the cutting and selotape? Then I have the kits for you! Available in a range of sizes, colours and lengths, all rooms should have some. Like bunting but more Christmassy!

I will keep you updated where you can find me…

The knitted boobs will be for sale.

The knitted boobs will be for sale.

Are you telling me you think your home is complete without a knitted breast hanging pertly from the wall? Then you are mistaken my friend! Available in a range of sizes, from a ‘B’ to a ‘KK’ cup, come and pick your favourite and take it home this Winter.

Breasts not your thing, are you more of a moustache wo/man? Then why not try out a giant moustache, guaranteed to bring personality to even the most bland of walls.

moustaches for your walls!

Moustaches for your walls!

I will also be taking commissions for personalised baby grows and children’s clothes.

personalised baby grow

personalised baby grow

Please see my old website for past designs. These can have anything you want written onto them. (Bear in mind this as not been updated in a few years.)

It’s been a while

Err, well, i have been a bit rubbish about putting stuff up online. I plan to remedy this in the next week, updating on what I have done for the past nine months, then adding to it as I go along, and progress to the end of my Masters.
Watch this space, if there’s anyone out there!
Anna x

i am a bit rubbish

well, i certainly won’t compete with anne frank. forgot me flippin password.

more soon… oooh!

Hello world!

err, yes, hello world.

this is my second attempt at blogging. i tried another one, but could never really settle with it. i always fantasise about creating a fantastic, witty, good-looking blog that people flock to. it’s about time i put it in to practice.

writing has never been my forte. i am an actions kind of person. and those who know me know i function best when given a few hours to air my opinions without interruption. obviously, this is not very popular with a lot of people, so maybe this should be the best step forward.

i don’t want to turn this into a blog of verbal diarrhea (which it could very easily become). i am gonna try to be as concise as i can.

i am not going to be falsely modest. i have and hope to continue to make some good stuff and have good ideas. but i also know when something isn’t good. i will be proud of successes and the first one to admit my dodgy attempts at crochet moustaches.

i quite like this, feels like i am writing myself a blog manifesto. might think some more about this.

i am tempted to make an anne frank style pact to write in this every day or twice a week, to make sure i document all progress, physical and mental.

i am going to start off this blog though, by going back a few months, almost to beginning of my current module. a web-based update for those who have been wondering what the hell i have been doing all summer.